Wound Care

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About Wound Care

We have always been driven by a desire to innovate, and to develop the best patient-oriented solutions. We don’t think of ourselves as just a medical device distributor, but also as a service partner and a solution provider.

In this role, we offer successful product combinations from LOHMANN & RAUSCHER and many helpful tips for the challenges of specific wound situations.

We cover a 24h home and hospital service for any wound treatment including NEGATIVE WOUND PREASURE THERAPY.


Suprasorb® CNP P3 Therapy Unit

The P3 is the beating heart of the new Suprasorb CNP Therapy. Its design: visually appealing, modern and functional. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make cleaning simple.

The range of applications of the new P3 are universal – in hospitals and in the outpatient sector. The compact structure and two container/exudate pouch sizes open up a wide range of various applications. The new CNP P3 therapy unit is an all-in-one solution for all options.