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About Medical Aesthetic

As in all other fields, GEN-ALBFARMA is always looking forward to collaborate with different partners which provide innovative products, novelties and successful formulation. For this reason, we are distributing HYALUAL & SESDERMA.

HYALUAL is a high quality company which produce injectable implants made from crossed-linked hyaluronic acid & non-crossed linked hyaluronic acid in combination with succinic acid.

In addition, we are in cooperation with GMV Group – Italy, which is one of the world’s leading companies & certified in medical devices for minimally invasive aesthetic surgery.


Product portofolio:

  • PLEXR plasma (non-invasive surgery with plasma technology)
  • iSmokeE


The perfect sinergy of technologies for minimally invasive treatments in Aesthetic Medicine. Applications in: Aeshtetic Medicine, Dermatology, Vascular Surgery.

3 special technologies: Needle Shaping, OFF, Carboxytherapy)


3 innovative technologies and 10 operating modes and, through thermal energy. It can perform treatments for remodelling of face, body, gynaecological region.


i-SmokeE is a powerful smoke evacuator specifically designed for elimination of medical smoke produced by Plexr® devices, lasers, Thuzzle, Fractional RF and all the ablative and micro-ablative technology related to the clinical care; peculiar smells; dust; poisonous and harmful gas; soldering; printing.